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Take as much liquid out that you can (a little painful). Then gently lift toe nail and place cotton under ingrown nail. It will grow out.

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placing cotton under the nail will actually harbor bacteria and could possibly infect the toenail


This is actually a doctor recommended home treatment. A google search of ('ingrown toenail' cotton), will confirm this. Soaking four times a day, repacking each time with a new piece of cotton or gauze, a fresh pair of socks and the use of an antiseptic will fend off bacteria. A lot of work, but the immediate relief and ultimate results are well worth the effort. The rate of recurrence, using this method is comparable to surgical options.


I have to agree the method with the cotton works wonderful! Its painful at first but the longer you can leave that cotton in there the better. Your nail has to be 'trained' to grow properly over your skin on the side of your toe & once you've accomplished that 'dont' cut your nails so short. I've done this home remedy & after I've done it I've never had troubles since-and thats been about a yr. ago. It is worth the pain to STOP the pain of having to cut them out all the time making it worse! I soaked mine in Epsom Salts to soften the nail to insert the cotton. I dont wish ingrown toenails on anyone, but this method DOES work!


The first time I got an ingrown toe nail i had to have it surgically removed because it had got to a point where it couldn't be saved. The second time around my doctor told me to use tweezers to pull up the nail away from the skin and insert some cotton underneath the nail to prevent it from growing into the skin. It won't cause it to get infected, and the relief is amazing. it's a much better alternative than having to get the nail removed, trust me.


My physician recommended using Lamb's wool instead of cotton - same idea though. It's available at some drug stores though it may take a bit of looking to find.

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