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I woke suddenly in the night with severe abdominal cramping that I was sure was gas from the bean soup I ate. But, alas, 4 gasx and several of the recommended remedies here didn't even touch the pain. In the morning I saw a doc, turns out the hard core antibiotic I had taken for a recent bout of pneumonia killed off all the good bacteria in my stomach. In addition I was severely dehydrated. The two combined made me extremely constipated and caused the severe pain that I thought was gas. It took an IV bag of fluids to get things moving again and the pain was almost completely gone by the time the bag was empty. So, if you are trying these remedies and they aren't working, consider LOTS of water and check out constipation remedies. Although a trip to urgent care might be necessary to get the fluids in you faster.

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Thank you for your 'honest answer.' We ALL must remember, if all else fails, seek medical help. So glad you're feeling better, that could have gotten much worse.


Way too long winded. Geez.

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