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i live in Forida where getting rid of ringworm is next to impossible. I tried all 3 cremes and did not qualify for the oral because of a medical condition. I had reoccuring attacks for over a year. Starting on my arm, spreading up into my armpit and eventually into my crotch area. Nothing help...i tried everything desperately....I am now clear after doing the following. I wash all my sheets and clothes in Borax 2 times a week. I clean my skin with Palmolive dishwashing liquid and a green scrub pad. After showering i wash my skin with 91 proof alcohol. If u have to wash your crotch with it, be prepared.....the family jewels do not agree. I had a small fan near and ready. My case was severe....i work labor in a hot damp area. I hope all find what works for you. It is the first time in my life i ever had any trouble with my skin.

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Instead of harsh alcohol have you hears of black african soap? Amazing! People have been using it for ring worm. Worked for us along with apple cider vinegar...

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