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I've had this condition for nearly 40 years. For me it is caused by stress. My body uses more Vit B at those times, so it is a lack of Vit B, in particular Vit B2, Riboflavin.

I take a Vit B complex tablet daily, and double the dose when a crack starts. Vit B is water soluble so you can't take too much of it. Your body uses what it wants then eliminates the rest.

For years I've used Lip-Sed Gel, just a tiny amount, applied twice a day on the cracked section. This makes it more comfortable, I can open my mouth, and it doesn't spread or worsen.

Within a couple of days it's all gone.

But Lip-Sed Gel was discontinued years ago, and I'm fast running out. Anyone know where I can get some, or a substitute? I'm in Australia and happy to have posted to me.

Meanwhile I have noted lots of suggestions on this website and will give them a go.

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try ebay they have everything


I'm from OZ too (living in NYC), honestly, I tried a cream that I was prescribed for a burn from the doc!, Silver Sulfadiazine Cream USP 1% - and no joke it was gone in 2 days.


try going to this website at lip-sed-gel
for lip-sed gel similar products

hope this helps

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