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Well i haven't read anyone who used my strategy so i decided to share it. My ears have been bugging me for over 5 years recently and like others my mom used to pull out hard wax when i was little with tweezers! I was so fed up with it today that i decided to try something different as warm water has never worked for me and only made it worse! i used a 14 inch clear vinyl hose and with my mouth suctioned a very large amount of wax from both my ears! i tried to replicate a vacuum type suction as much as possible and couldn't believe what came out of my ears! id imagine this is very similar to what a medical doctor would use to clean out ones ear it worked awesome!

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Please example more how u did that I have been suffering from hear problems for a while doctor says that it will go away but nothing yet


Hi, I'm not sure what you mean by 'with my mouth suctioned?? Can you elaborate on the process more?…. Thank you Kindly, Laura


This is wonderful, I have tried to my son. It really worked. Thanks


Where can I find a hose like that ?




Aquarium airline hose from a pet store

Fed up with earwax

I would assume that how this was done is that it was siphoned out of the ear. One end of the hose in your ear, the other end in your mouth and then suck on the end in your mouth like you are drinking from a straw. If you use the aquarium tubing suggested in the post above, you should see the wax in the tube when you siphon it out of your ear


Thanks for this hint. I will try it. I can't put oil in my ear without creating extra pressure making my ear ache. Strangely, my other ear starts to hurt also. I have tried peroxide also. No results. The worse part is sometimes my ear does not drain completely what I put in it to loosen the wax. Horrible.

I read on line somewhere the reason wax gets impacted is because of a lack of Omega 3 fish oil in our diet. After I get the wax out I will try this remedy. The fish oil may take a little time to help the ear(s). I'll see what happens at the end of three months. Hopefully ..........

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