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After two years of suffering from BV and even breaking down and crying over it a couple of times, I've cured myself--so far at least. Fingers crossed, I've been BV-free for a month—and this includes the time before, during, and after my last menstrual period. Keep in mind that I'm not a doctor, but here's what I did.

1. I stopped taking metronidazole vaginal gel.

Let me preface this by saying I think it's good to take the whole round of Flagyl the doctor gives you at the start of your treatment because the bacteria could have penetrated the uterine area to create PID. Wipe out the bad bacteria first, but then stop treating yourself with internal antibiotics. I used them for two years, and they did nothing. After five successive nights of Metrogel, my symptoms always returned within the next two or three weeks, and when I starting inserting the gel twice a week as regular maintenance, it wasn't enough. Why should we kill ALL of the bacteria, even the good kind?? That didn't make sense to me. After reading what worked for other women, I decided that I should try to promote good bacteria, not kill it.

2. For the seven-day week prior to my period, I began vaginally inserting two Rephresh-Pro B Probiotic Feminine supplements every 12 hours (so 4 pills per day). They are expensive, but worth it. You can buy them at local pharmacies.

I used my middle finger to insert them as deeply as I could, making sure that I inserted two of them immediately before bed so that they had time to stay inside overnight. Some of it remains inside, but some will come back out the next day. The pills dissolve quickly.

3. During the same time, I took one of the same probiotic pills ORALLY twice per day (one every 12 hours). The brand that I used (named above) contains L rhamsnosus and L reuteri, which are the ONLY two probiotic strains that have been proven by clinical studies to actually penetrate the intestines and make it to the vagina after digestion.

4. Still simultaneous with the above, I began taking certain VITAMINS: iron, D3, folic acid, B12, and calcium. Here’s why:

I accidentally learned that I had a low red blood cell count AND a low calcium level. It's true that I eat more veggies than meats and dairy products, but I thought the low count was odd, so I googled it. That's when I discovered that metronidazole is associated with lower blood cell counts! Then I found articles about low folic acid and BV...or other vitamin deficiencies associated with BV. I decided to take all vitamins that specifically build red blood cells, thinking that their absence in my system might have been contributing to the problem: folic acid, B12, and iron (plus the calcium since my level was low). I ordered the iron online because I wanted to get ONLY 18 mg per day, which is the daily recommendation for women. Iron builds up in the body and never leaves unless through bleeding (ex: menstruation), so it can eventually lead to heart disease if you take too much of it. That's why I take only the minimum amount because I'm not a big meat-eater and I don’t get much iron from meat. Plus, iron from vegetables is harder for the body to absorb.

Also coincidentally, I found a calorie-counting website called Cron-o-meter. It allows you to enter what you eat and then see which vitamins and minerals you're lacking. By using it, I realized that I was getting ZERO vitamin D--plus, I'm literally NEVER in the sun, so it was a wake-up call. That's when I googled 'vitamin D deficiency and BV' and found studies linking them!!! I then added D3 to my daily regimen (I has to be D3). Ladies, if you're never in the sun and don't eat much dairy, you DEFINITELY have a D deficiency, which, by the way, is strongly linked to breast cancer.

As a side-note, I also began drinking a lot more WATER, which is important for not over-taxing the kidneys when taking so many vitamins. Plus, the extra water stopped my headaches and gave me several other health benefits, even reduced cellulite (no joke).

After one week of doing using the probiotics vaginally and orally—and beginning my vitamin regimen—the burning that I felt during urination and showering went away. For the first time in years, my pee felt like a normal temperature—but not every time. Sometimes it was warmer than it should have been, and sometimes it felt fine. It never “burned,” though. I knew that I was on to something, but the occasional extra warmth warned me that the BV could come back or that I hadn’t fully wiped it out yet.

3. On the eighth day of the above, I got my period, so I stopped vaginally inserting probiotics, and I kept taking them orally throughout the menstruation, but only once per day.

4. After my period ended, I decided that I would vaginally insert one probiotic every night for the entire month. I remembered to do this almost every night. Likewise, I also orally took one probiotic every day. Despite missing about three nights of vaginal insertions throughout the month, the burning did not return, and I experienced even more occasions of “normal,” room-temperature pee, which became a measuring stick of my progress. My period came and left, and I still felt good. No BV.

5. Now I am in month two. I’ve decided to continue taking a probiotic orally once per day and to vaginally insert a probiotic once ever y OTHER night until the week prior to my period. I am still taking my vitamins (which I also think are linked to my cellulite reduction, by the way, since I was already eating well and exercising). Then, a week before my next period, I plan to go back to inserting them every night—just for that week—because I’ve noticed that symptoms usually return during that time of the month. During month three, I will still take the probiotics orally once per day, but I will try to wait until the week before my period to do the vaginal insertions. Then, I’m hoping not to have to do any of that—except to take oral probiotics and vitamins--during month four and beyond. There is always that fear that the BV will return, but I’m hopeful.

I never douched throughout any of this because I was afraid of further-disturbing a sensitive area. After month one, I saw my GYN and he said that my PH was finally normal. I cured myself. My doctor DID NOT cure me. Sometimes natural remedies are the salvation for these hard-to-solve problems.

I truly hope this helps someone.

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This may have changed my life. fingers crossed!


Thank you for providing the details in your suggestions. I had never heard of the Rephresh product. Great info!


I have also use RepHresh pro-b products They most definitely help although I've never tried vaginally inserting the supplement great tip


You are a savior. Thank you


Best one yet. Thanks


I know post is old. But I insert 2 vaginal and 1 orally took Pro-B pills and it worked. I will do this for 2 months to increase good bacteria. I also take iron, multivitamin, 3 folic acid, zinc, B6, 2 d3, 2 vitamin e daily. Its a lot but I have been dealing wit this for 9 years. BV=low lactobacilli. Pro-B is expensive but I don't care....I will do anything for the smell to be gone. It made my sex life diminish. Bf always sniffs around me- made me feel nasty and dirty.


Any chance this thread is still active? How has everyone been doing with their progress? Been suffering for over a year now and have started a heavy dose of probiotic a week and a half ago. Looking to see if they gave anyone permanent results.


I found this blog after searching for ways to reduce my vaginal smell. I've been dealing with it since puberty and was always shamed for it by my mother, making me believe it was a hygiene thing, as opposed to a body chemistry problem. She never took me to a gyno to figure out why. 14 years later, I have a fear of going to the gyno, so I figured out ON MY OWN that my pH was higher than normal and as soon as I discovered and started taking repHresh orally, my offensive smell disappeared. No lingering odor after using the bathroom. No horrible underwear smells at the end of the day. If only I had known about this product in high school. I hope young girls find this page and it helps them like it would have helped me.


Since I had my baby girl I been having BV first they though I had UTI Bacuse my urine always comes WBC positive and I went thinking like that for 4 months taking antibiotics that I did not need it only once that in the culture came E. coli but the others that they did was clean no bacteria in urine! But I had BV so there you go! Because of the discharge it always had contaminated the urine! My BV symtoms are pain discharge and itchiness! Sometime my pain is on my back and my right side and most on my abdomen and my bV is always small or medium only the first time was large that was two months after I had my baby I did not know what I had! I had taking metronidaloza 4 times and it always comes back before my period and after! BTW during labor I was on antibiotics because of strep grioup b so that’s why my flora was off and all the antibiotics that I did not need! So I had been able to calm my symtoms taking this everyday drinking water 2 gallons Avery day I also seen that inserting the probiotics helps a lot and that’s what my gyno told me to do and also the activia yoogurt one everyday eat it! Vitiamnes and not eating sugar! No sodas! No cookies none of that and after sex shower and clean down there with water only! I think it’s going to take a long to be back normal because I had been in a lot of antibiotics but I believe it god that everything is going to be like before! ???????? God bless you all and hopefully you are feeling better!


*Two littlers of water! Ups!

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