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Zabila-CHIRUKATTALI. Two yrs ago I developed a toothache so bad I drove past 4 towns at 2am to get some Oragel. I packed it on the tooth with q-tips, and all around the gum area. Pain went from a 9.5 to an 8. Not nearly good enough. My dentist had just gone on vacation. There is always a 4-5 hr wait in our local hospital ER dept. I had a bottle containing Zabila-CHIRUKATTALI (not the English name), that I used for other ailments that always worked 90% of the time for me, family, and friends.

I poured the tasteless clear ointment my tootbrush, and applied it on and around my tooth as deep in the gums as possible. After 45 mins the pain level was a 7; after and hr pain was a 6, enough for me to goto bed. By morning pain was at a 4. I put on more of this stuff. Pain reduced at about 0.5 pts/hr. I didn't need anymore Oragel. Pain level stayed at a 1.5 for 2 dys; then went down to 0. I treated the tooth area 2x/dy for 2 days even though pain was gone. I never went to the dentist and only apply the stuff every 2-3 months, just one 20sec treatment with the tooth brush. It's been 2 yrs and no issue. When my 30yr old daughter had a problem with her tooth, I had her use the ointment from my bottle (which I've had 5yrs now, it lasts a loooong time.) She had the same experience, gradual pain reduction from 7 to a 0, and no pain after the treatment stopped for 10 mos now. I'm surprised dentists don't recommend it. NO BAD TASTE (tasteless); NO SIDE FX; EASY AS TOOTHPASTE TO APPLY; CUT PAIN IN HALF IN 6 HRS.

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