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Dr. Mom of 5+

I enjoyed reading all the ideas listed for sinus infections, but was surprised that Goldenseal and Olive Leaf extract were not mentioned.

After suffering for decades with month long sinus infections and months of antibio's (one dr wanted me to stay on antibio's all winter! took me years to recover from just that!) I found that if you have recurrent sinus infections that there is no one things that works. I have been free from sinus infections for over 8 years with these ideas:

1-KEEP de-congested by the many ideas in Sinus and Congestion remedies area. Whatever works for you and stage of infection you are at. Saline spray and Mucinex 12 hour (keeps me decongested all nite) work for me. Neti pot if really stuffed. NO antihistimines! Warm compresses on the sinuses really melts heavy congestion. Have tissues handy!

2. Catch your infection in the early stages. Antibiotics NEVER worked for me. Only made me more open to more infections.(rebound effect)

3. Goldenseal root (not leaf) extract (good quality, tincture is best, 1 tsp. Kyolic liquid garlic (only) and a squirt of oil of oregano twice a day. Felt like a walking pizza but it works for me within 2-3 days max! There's now a oil of oregano nose spray now available that would be worth a try.

4. Do the healthy drink lots and lots of water. Carry a bottle (water :) at all times. Limit sugar and dairy products and get plenty of sleep. Drink greens juice if possible.

5. Feel any infection coming on? Take 2 Olive Leaf Extract caps before going to bed. Really works.

Hope all this helps you like it did me. You can find all these items at any health store, Swanson or best price I find is thru Subscribe and save (-10-15%) at Amazon if they are offering the item I want. Only garlic that ever made a difference in our family was Kyolic. (usually only liquid)


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