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A fellow sufferer of the dreaded herpes

So you have your first OB and are desperately searching the internet for some remedies, and advertised 'cures' may catch you're eye. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed cure, YET. So don't be so quick to purchasing products and books. I've searched many sites looking for NATURAL ways to help myself, and personally I think that natural remedies are probably the best way to go. For my OB's (which are pretty minor now) I rely pretty heavily on using aloe Vera and coconut oil topically. Also, because I have to walk quite a distance to go to my classes, I literally need to lube it up with oil. I also ice it. Today I TRIED baking soda topically and that stung like hell, maybe I'll try it again later and just suck it up. Anyhow I havnt been living with this for too long, so I don't have absolute wisdom of the matter but I say Search through natural remedies. Be patient and STAY AWAY FROM STRESS. To all who suffer from hsv1 or 2, stress is a normal part of life You know and I know. I freak out over things sometimes. HOWEVER, try your best to be stress free. Having high stress is like pulling the trigger for my HSV1(affecting my lady parts). I am currently working on managing my stress now, I know I need to, because it is NOT worth it when I have an OB from it. So keep living, keep loving..this is not the end.. Do what is best for you and your physical health. And Goodluck to all:)

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