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'Free At Last'

Hey ladies, I am almost in tears as I write this because I am so relieved to be free from such a horrible condition that I had been living with off and on since 2003, after a c-section. A few years ago, when I first meet the man of my dreams, my husband, I became so determined to fix this problem before moving forward with him.I made doctor appointments that was just a waste of time because it would come right back. I tried home remedies and only peroxide would work but only for about twelve hours.I ordered products online,like bv essential that gave me a health scare after I start noticing my heart beating really fast every time I took a pill. Lucky for me, by the time I gave up me and my husband became very serious and our sex life was wonderful.....having a man that accepts you with flaws and all, lol. A couple months ago I broke down and had a talk with my husband about how much I really wanted to cure this problem, even though he always make me feel like a queen, and I became brutally honest about all the extents I have been through to treat myself, and together we found a remedy,and it's free.........use only white antibacterial soap(helps protect against itching)....while taking a bath lay back and open up your self with two fingers, let the water flow inside you for about two minutes(helps eliminate odor for at least 24 hours)....keep area trimmed and shaved.....don't douche(helps avoid inflammation and painful sex) there is no need to douche if you lay back in the tub,open yourself with your fingers, and let the water flow and sit inside of you. I suffered for many years and this is my forth month being bv free.....Good luck ladies, and remember God loves you and your still the most precious gift God gave man.

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more info please

what brand/name of white antibacterial soap do you use and how are you applying it? do you use the liquid kind and make a bubble bath out of it and soak in that, or do you wash yourself with a bar soap form and then soak in a tub of plain water? thanks for your input. I'm very interested in trying your remedy!


I was wondering the same things. I have been suffering from BV since I had my first child so for 5 years and I have tried everything. I'm tired of this affecting my life and relationships. I want to try this remedy


and how often do you do the bath

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