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So I've received my first bout of hemorrhoids. I had two outer piles that were extremely painful. I've been trying prep-h for almost a week with little to no relief. Today I couldn't take it anymore. I came across this site and read probably about twenty different pages and decided to try the garlic remedy. Let me tell you this is the most relief I've had in a week. I used minced garlic on a cotton ball and put it on top of the piles. There is a slight burn to it but no where near as bad as dealing with the piles them selves. I've kept the cotton ball on there for about three hours now and my piles have shrank and the pain has almost gone away completely. The piles were almost the size of grapes and after three hours they are about the size of peas. Wish I would have tried this a week ago! I could already be rid of these awful things.

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