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So many women are using harsh treatments to cure bv. I found a system that only uses water to restore ph balance. I have been using waterworks for almost a year and have not had any episodes of bv or yeast infections. I used 1-2 times a day when I was suffering from bv. Now I use it 3-4 times a week to maintain my ph and I use it twice a day during my period to keep everything flushed out and clean.

You can find it by searching waterworks health

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I just researched this and noticed that many women with BV or Candida used this several times a week. Although it's water, it still seems like its too much cleansing. I thoroughly reviewed the website. Have you used it once or twice weekly and maintained an acidic ph balance, or did you always do 3-4 times weekly? I'm aware of the problems with BV and Candida and attempting to maintain the ph balance.


I forgot to add, with BV and Candida it's almost impossible not to get a reoccurrence with sugary foods a few times weekly or eating not so healthy foods a few times weekly. What are your eating habits while using this machine or do you strictly restrict sweets and high carb, high fat foods? I ask in order to see how well this maintains ph balance even with bad eating habits. These questions are to gauge effectiveness of the machine. thanks.

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