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The real trick is keeping them off to prevent the bit. I know of only two good ways to do this and a third that can help a little.
1. Sulfur Powder...sprinkle a pinch over each sock and pant leg before going into the weeds. (It can be hard to find but I had success in the small town pharmacy's}
2. Gasoline...sprinkle gas over your pant legs and shoes. (dangerous/flammable)
3. Bug spray. spray down your legs and body with a strong bug spray prior to getting into the tall grass/weeds.

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Better than gasoline (which evaporates quickly), is kerosene. Douse a rag with kerosene, and wipe your ankles, wrists, pant legs, sleeves, beltline...really, most any area. Kerosene does not evaporate as quickly.

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