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Was in a lot of pain

Have a bad cracked tooth and the added pulsating spiking pain that I could feel in my tooth and neck and jaw. Can't get to the dentist until my coverage at work goes through. I read a lot of remedies on here and I personally brushed my teeth and rinsed with mouthwash. Then I crushed up a glove of garlic left it in bigger pieces cuz I found if u minced it it wouldn't stay put that well so I used the bigger crushed up pieces and place it around the tooth that hurts for about 5 mins. It burned but if u can handle it hold it there. Spat out the garlic and rinsed my mouth with warm salt water and the pain dissipated and now is fully gone. I swished on coconut oil after just for some added benefit. My neck and jaw pain is gone as well. Thank you thank you thank you. Now I can concentrate on enjoying the wknd with my kids. Thanks every1 for your helpful idea.

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Could't function from the pain!

I have been having the same pains all weekend and I've tried different things even bought a tube of orajel from store, took some Ibuprofen the pain was still the same until I came online to search some home remedy stuff for tooth pain and after reading your post, I walked to the store bought garlic and coconut oil now the pain on my left jaw and neck has subsided tremendously. I couldn't even focus on my homework because the pain was just too overwhelming!!! Thank you for sharing your experience it helped me a great deal. Be blessed!

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