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I had nail fungus in my big toe nail for over 10 years and tried everything under the sun. It has been every colour from yellow to green to brown to grey and back again. As the nail detached itself from the nail bed I must have lost about 10 nails and each one grew back detached with the fungus still there. For a long time I used tea tree oil which gave a bit of result but it did not clear it. But I ended up becoming allergic to it and every time I applied it, the next day I would have tiny itchy blisters between my toes and the skin became really fragile and started splitting. I thought I had really bad athletes foot or eczema but then I cottoned on that it only came after using the tea tree oil and a few days after I stopped using it the blistering and itching stopped. However, I now have half a healthy big nail which has grown attached to the nail bed and here is how I have managed this. First, regular foot soaks in white vinegar or apple cider vinegar along with epsom salts or baking soda. Try to avoid wearing socks and wear open toe shoes as much as possible so there is little moisture and plenty of daylight on the nails. You need to do this for at least 3 months or longer. Then, when the first sliver of healthy nail started appearing at the base of the nail, I applied neat hydrogen peroxide with a cotton bud every morning and sometimes in the evening, making sure it gets under the nail and around the edges. I stopped doing the foot soaks (as it is quite time consuming as you need to soak for about 20 minutes). Now I only use the peroxide daily and I have managed to get half a nail back. It takes a very long time (so far about 6 months) but I think if I can stick with it I will eventually have an attached clear nail. Also if you need to wear socks, wear ones that have individual toes as they keep your toes dryer than normal socks and wash them in disinfecting laundry liquid after each wear.

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