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Very Very Very Sleepy

It is 4:40. I have been up for 3 hours now with terrible pain. I am terribly afraid of the dentist and don't want to go. I have tried flossing, salt water, brushing, mouthwash, lots and lots of ibuprofen, coconut oil, and just dealing with the pain. I have had this pain for about 3 days now.Nothing worked. I came here and read about all the more common stuff. What worked for me is just sucking on a cough drop (I'm sucking on a Kroger brand honey lemon flavored). I am already seeing such amazing results. This is the one thing that has really helped. I would recommend brushing your teeth first, swishing warm salt water(to disinfect), and then swishing mouthwash after that(to get that odd taste out of your mouth). Then suck on the cough drop on the sore side of your mouth. In going to bed now :) Another thing is ask the LORD for help if you are a child of Christ. He sure knows how to make yah feel better :)

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Tooth hurty!

I have another tooth ach and boy it hurts! Everything you said and did are the same things I did. The first tooth ach I had was very painful, nothing like the one now! I did talk to The Lord and was very blessed! The next day my pain was gone like nothing happend! He's amazing! So I'm asking for his blessing again to guide me through this pain! And I know he will!


Glover oil from drug store a little bitty bottle is $7 but soak a cotton ball the size of the hole in the oil take tooth pick gap it in there you may have to dilute a little **cause it is hot but trust what I say it will work for weeks months if needed an the bottle last for ever ***keep it high an away from children it will burn bad **An don't be afraid to ask the Good Lord for help that works to ;;; God Bless you all


An 900 mg iburbofren works alittle


Was at about an 11 when my husband went to get me some cough drops and almost immediately dropped it to a 3 or so. Great quick fix for now.

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