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So I've read page after page of testimonies and of course I have tried ACV! I like many others denied that i could have it. My ex gf told me about it pretty early on even those hers had cleared up and i decided it was worth the risk. I never fully understood GW's so after shaving my penis and balls a lot i started noticing bumps. She told me hers went away on her own but mine just kept multiplying. The first day the ACV worked great. A large cluster at the base of my penis turned black within a day or two as well as a larger one under my penis. Both of them are gone. After using ACV though I realize i have a bout 50 total!! most pretty small but together they look horrible especially while my skin is irritated!! today is my 4th day using ACV and through all the pain I cant seem to get the smaller ones to really even turn white even after hours of ACV with direct contact. i just met a new woman and this is really scaring me because one i dont want to pass it to her but more importantly i havent really had enough time to get them to go away. of course im ashamed to even tell her. im hoping to put off sex as long as possible and say im looking to strengthen our relationship first before sex, but even if i can make them disapear i owe it to anyone to let them know the risk. my main issue is these smaller ones not seeming to react to the ACV. Anyone have any insight on this? is it possible that ive irritated my healthy skin soo much that my body is more worried about healing the good skin before attacking the warts?

also i have changed my diet the last couple weeks and working out every day. i eat high protein and veggies and have almost cut out sugar besides coffee. i also have been taking a mens multivitamin, vitamin C, Garlic, Echinicea, and omega fish oils. also drinking a lot more water.


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Truth spreads slower than STD

Thank you for recognizing that you owe it to future partners to tell them of the risk. Even if the warts disappear, you can still infect them. When you put off sex with this lady you like because you want to strengthen the relationship, DO mean it. Hold off until you trust her enough to tell her and she can choose you over a lifelong virus. As a woman, though, unless you want forever with me, please don't give me a forever virus.


If they are not turning white maybe they are not warts and just razor burn.

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