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Washing even old scars with camomile tea will fade them.

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the problem with my scarring is the opposite - the scars are much lighter than the rest of my skin, not darker, so how would chamomile work in this case I wonder?


I should have thought of that! I use Camomile tea bags on my baby's bottom for diaper rash and it works like magic. Going to brew some tea bags right now! I have a large surgery scar wish me luck!


How fast though? Like will it be faded within like 3-4 days?


I've heard that rubbing fresh peeled ginger on a scar everyday will darken it. A lot of people apparently say it works. You're supposed to let the juice dry on the scar also.

Interesting about the chamomile, since can be used for lightening hair too. Maybe rosemary would work on darkening scars then, since it's been used for darkening hair...? Worth a shot.

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