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Thank you to everyone on here to posted there home remedies. I recently 4 week had 2 surgeries done back to back tubal ligation and bladder sling (had IUD removed too) before being put under was injected with antibiotics and sent home with a weeks worth of antibiotics well within the first week of recovery I ended up with the worst yeast infection I have ever had and to top it off couldn't use any cresms because of the stitches down under. Of they prescribe pill = didn't work then another round = didn't work!! Then because stitches finally have dissolved a cream I wake up the following morning it has spread to my rear and the creases of my groin area. With reading stuff online I found this site and read for about 2 hours...
I decided to clean all yeast infected areas with peroxide, then wiped it with antiseptic then pulled fresh garlic from my garden kept a whole clove for my vajaja, diced the others for other areas mixed it with sea salt wrapped all in gauze placed it in areas of where infection was bad. I have to say I am really suprised this am. Looks much better no itch no burning. Finally some relief looks like I will be doing this every night til it's gone!

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