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We can't give up

Where do I start I guess by saying this has been the hardest news to take hearing I have herpes five days ago I had sex with my husband after being separated a few months and after a couple weeks I started feelings funny down there like never before so I went to the er and thats wen the bomb dropped I had herpes. I broke down and since then I have went through so many emotions of feelings of disbelief, dirty, depression, sadness,and complete confusion and not to mention the physical pain has been the worst ever. After doing so much research I have found somethings that eases the pain and speeds the process along which is putting raw honey down there after I pee cause it stings so bad then place cold rag to soothe it. Also gold bond cream stops the itching while gold bond powder helps drys it up yes it tingles at first but it really worked for me. Finally I take the meds from dr to reduce outbreak in future as well as b12 and vitiam c and lysine and drink plenty water and less sugar intake..of course I wanted to give it up but now all I can think of is getting my body as healthy as possible my best advice is wat doesn't kill u will make us stronger..hope this helps at least one person cause reading these stories helped me

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People please think Twice before sending money for this things..the only thing you gonna get is alot of money waisted!!!

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