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Dr. B

Hello all, for the sake of anonymity, I will go by Dr. B.
I am going to offer you what I have tested to be the most effective treatment for genital warts that I have come across, at a near 40 - 50% success rate; one that I suggest (off the books - unfortunately) for most of my male patients affected.

First and foremost, I have significantly more experience treating genital warts in men than in women, and have suffered outbreaks myself, so, for the sake of what I am going to tell you, I am referring to men alone. I feel that if I were to advise women in this manner, I would be offering ill advice, considering the treatment to follow.

So, you have genital warts, or you fear that you do? I would advise, first, that you confirm this by doing a simple test. Take a cloth, soak it in vinegar (apple cider vinegar), and place it over the wart for about 10 to 15 minutes. The warts, if they are indeed, will rise and turn white, followed by a harder texture than normal. DO NOT scratch at them, and resist the slight burning sensation. This is exactly the type of test your doctor will perform, unless you choose to biopsy the wart, which I strongly discourage. About 80-90% of sexually active men and women have been exposed to genital warts, so do not feel alone, and take a deep breath. Many men and women will fight off the warts, and may potentially eliminate the virus if you are healthy. Smokers beware: you will continue to see outbreaks so long as you continue to smoke, so level the playing cards, and make your decision.

If you indeed believe you have warts, tell your doctor. You do not need to treat them through your doctor, but it is good for them to know, as they will advise you in lifestyle changes that will help you to suppress the virus.

So, let's get to the good stuff. There are five main components to this treatment. Excluding changes in food, you will be set back around 50-100 dollars, and trust me, you will spend much more on mainstream treatments.

1) Make efforts to change your eating habits. Eat three meals a day, and start buying a lot of colorful veggies and fruits. Drink water and nothing else for at least two weeks. Believe me, by day four, you will crave a glass of ice water! Finally, Eliminate as much sugary excess as you can, as this will delay my treatment. You are going to boost your immunity to speed this process up, and you will notice a general increase in your stamina and attention by day four. I encourage you to stick to this plan!

2) Supplements. Our diet lacks a significant portion of necessary nutrition, so here are the supplements I suggest: Amino Acids, Echinacea, Kelp, a general men's health vitamin, vitamin E, and probiotics. Believe me, at the bare minimum, you will notice a change in your health for the better.

3) Apple Cider Vinegar: Now we get to the active treatment of your genital warts. First and foremost, you should begin eating the food mentioned above, while taking supplements about three days before you start the following!

DISCLAIMER: First… no masturbation and no sex… whatsoever... during this process. You may spread the virus during this treatment if you stray from what I am telling you. I have seen it happen, but I have also seen it done successfully. Be patient, and respectfully decline your urges. You’ll get over it, and it will probably be good for you to take a break.

ALSO, if at any point in this treatment you notice severe pain (expect some light burning), or signs of severe burns/reactions, stop immediately, and go to your doctor. Don’t leave yourself scarred, but if you follow my steps, that will not happen.

DAY 1: You will need apple cider vinegar, a pair of tube socks (laugh if you will, but you will thank me later - and yes, it is funny), and a towel you do not intend to use after the treatment.

A) Begin by cutting the tube sock so that the end of the sock is now about the length of your shaft, with an opening, so that you may slide the sock onto your genitals, covering your shaft and testis. Simply pour the apple cider vinegar over the sock (IN MODERATION - SLOWLY), while preferably in a bathtub, until the sock is saturated. Sit on the edge of the bathtub, or counter, and AVOID letting the vinegar drip toward your anus. You may track the warts downward, or burn the lining of your anus. Simply put, squat down, and soak the sock with vinegar. I did this as well, and suggest you do this at night, about an hour or two before you go to bed. You only need to do this once a day. Do whatever you would like in the meantime, but leave the sock on for about 15 - 20 minutes, baring your pain tolerance. Afterward, take the sock off, clean it thoroughly, hang dry it, and allow your skin to dry naturally. Shower in the morning. STAY DRY. Wet skin is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. This is key to success.

B) You are going to do this once a night, for three days. On the second day, leave the sock on longer. On the third, again, leave the sock on longer than the second day. NEVER sleep with the sock on! Let me repeat that. NEVER leave vinegar pressed to your skin overnight. You will burn… the shit… out of your skin. Excuse me, but I do need to make that clear. Patience is key! Allow the vinegar to work on its own time. Do not try to speed up this process, or you will literally burn your skin off. I have seen severe burns from misusing vinegar. Do what I say, and be patient.

C) Take a break on the fourth day. I mean that. You may think you want to keep going, because you will likely see that all the smaller warts have started turning black (and scarring), but your skin needs to recuperate. Give yourself a break.

D) On the fifth day, resume treatment as I said. You will notice that by this point, much of the existing smaller warts will be very rough and black. DO NOT pick them off. This is absolutely what you want to happen, naturally, of course. Leave the sock on for no longer than an hour. Eventually, these smaller warts will dry out and flake off.

E) Continue treatment until the first week has passed, or until you notice the warts have fallen off. If that is the case, skip down to step 4. Otherwise, on the eighth day, take a break, and then continue to F.

F) Take a break every four days until the larger of your warts have turned black. Do not push yourself though. You may unfortunately have a stubborn wart or two, but guess what, you’ve eliminated many others, and you will have stunted that wart’s growth.

G) Allow yourself about two days before moving onto the final steps.

4) 1% Silver Sulfadiazine Cream (SSD): You have in fact burned your skin. At this point, you will be irritated, red, slightly inflamed, and dry. That’s fine. It’s normal. You are going to treat any of the most substantially burned surfaces with this cream, as it is often used for local, minor burns. Carefully apply the cream with a cue tip, and place a Band-Aid over it, if you can get it to stick. If not, apply this cream as soon as you get home from work, or whenever you have about 4 – 5 hours to let it rest. This is going to aid your skin’s natural healing process, and cut down on any visible scarring.

5) Keep eating healthy! Your body needs to maintain its newfound boost in immunity while you heal, which can take time. Do not have sex until one week after your skin has resumed its normal texture, and all signs of irritation or burns have subsided. Be safe! You don’t want to spread this virus right after treating it. Your skin needs to heal properly. You will hopefully be so excited that this is working that you will be happy to wait.

At this point, you should have noticed a significant change in the appearance of your warts, or the lack thereof. Enjoy this, but be mindful of your surroundings, if you will, and take care of your body. You don’t want to have to do this every two months.

Try to discuss this with any partners you may have. In layman’s terms, it sucks to have to do that, but you know what, they will appreciate it, and you owe it to them if they don’t already know. You will feel better about it afterward. Trust me.

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What treatment do you recommend for GW around the anus?


What about for women? Whom has itchy warts can feel then at the top inside if vagina not on outside but under the skin (if u were to open vag up it would be at the top areas and too sides and inside flaps). Itch to point of bleeding. So scared. Low pain tolerance. Have a wart of my foot been for years. Was cut out came back. Must have a bad virus for these things. It sucks. I can't do the pain of needles in my vag or burning unless I'm out to sleep out of my misery. I know I can't handle that pain b the dr put 3 needles for numbing in my foot and I cried and freaked out. It was worse than child birth. I wish I could find a dr to help me. By giving me some type of meds/twilight or similar so I don't feel this god awful pain. Please if u see this and are a dr who can help me. Il do payment plans. I have some money now. I have medicaid too. Please help me. I'm so scared. Email me Also any at home treatments that won't kill me? Obviously due to where these warts on vag are I can't pour vinegar there it'll drip down into vag. What can I do. Please help. God I'll do anything. I wish I pray I had enough money to pay a dr to just treat me in office put to sleep so no pain. I'll deal with the pain AFTER surgery but during while awake I just can't. I'll die. I will die. Please share this. Please if your a dr or u know a dr who can or if your hubby or wife is a dr. I'm a mom of two.girls Been with same man for 13 years. He has no signs. I'm praying this will bring a miracle. Please. *terrified mommy*


After reading all the home remedies..I decided to go with apple cider vinegar. Let me tell everyone this really worked for me. In 2 days they were gone. My skin got a little irritated but it was worth less than 5 days everything was back to normal. I still will go to my Dr. For a check up.


Do not by Lextrin it is a fake site and they will take ur money


How do you know it's a fake site? Did you try to order some? Lextrin makes other quality products but I haven't done any research on this product, I just know I can't find any 3rd party reviews. Just the ones on their website, which could be fake reviews...


Dr. B- Need your help, and badly. I made the terrible mistake of leaving a cotton ball soaked with ACV on overnight for 3 nights in a row. The skin turned white then brown, now it is like a giant crater about 1/2' in diameter on my penis. As it has started to heal about 3 days later, i can now see tiny little white bumps appearing in the area which i assume are little warts. I have been washing it a couple times a day then dabbing it with hydrogen peroxide then putting neosporin on it for the day/night. What do I do to get this to heal properly and eliminate the virus from the area, as it appears to be spreading to previously non-affected areas? Thank you in advance.


Where can I purchase the Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream?


Lextrin is a fake site for true. I ordered, paid the money and they didn't send me anything. Not answering either. Be careful


LEXTRIN IS A SCAM. Do not order. They take your money and nothing comes. Should have known there is a reason it isn't carried in any stores. If you don't believe me then try and call their customer service number. It's disconnected...


Lextrin is FAKE! Ordered products 6 months ago and am yet to receive them. They never answer calls or reply to emails either. It is just a SCAM! Stay away!

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