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I have MRSA, It started with an open wound on my right ankle and have been hospitalized in two different hospitals, then sent to a long term facility for IV Pic Line to administer directly into my veins, I have Venus Stasis Disease and my veins are so fragile that they blow when having a IV line put in, Getting back to my wound, it all begins what antibiotics will work without being allergic, that is my big Issue- Allergic-Anaphalaxis, to all of the Big Guns Medications,Bactroban, Vancoymicin, Zyvox, that draws out infections drawing salve called Ichthammol, looks like tar but it works on boils and skin infections,very strong smell but it works!
another name would be Prid and it is Organic all natural drawing salve.
I wish everyone free of MRSA.

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Baltimore J

I have mrsa and dont know what route to go. Unfortunately im an on and off again heroine user. The needle only cause one boil directly. I know the drugs have weaked my imune system allowing these bumps. The antibiotics arent working. Sores smell of dead flesh. Simple scabs get a red ring around. Then the skin pulls away from the scabs then almost like crater and rot. Healing takes forever. Im 32 and its driving me insane. I dont know where to begin.

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