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1. Lie flat on the ground on your back. While inhaling, lift your left foot towards your chest very slowly.
2. Hold your foot to your chest with your hands for 10 seconds (hold your breath).
3. Slowly release the foot while exhaling.
4. Repeat steps 1-2 with the other foot.
You will keep passing gas while doing the above.

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Is it even possible to hold your foot to your stomach? This must be a joke.


the above poster is clearly a moron. no your foot doesn't literally touch your chest, but that's what you're trying to do by doing these 'bicycle' movements. Haven't you ever seen this done at an aerobics class or gym? sheesh. . .


maybe this person is a midget and her foot can touch her chest.


I don't think you guys understand the directions. I think s/he's saying to pull your foot in towards your chest.. like bending your knee grabbing your foot and pulling it towards you, not up in the air. Like, keeping the bottom of your foot parallel with the ground still... If you understand what Im talking about.


No, I think they meant literally hold your foot to your chest. Look at step number 2, '2. Hold your foot to your chest with your hands for 10 seconds (hold your breath'.


Fold the leg and try to take the knee towards chest. During this process ur feet also moves towards chest but in feet base perpendicular to Hip & stomach.

Do the same with both the legs fold and bend the fore head towards ur folded knee..This pressuraise the gas in stomach and releaved from botton hole.


You hold your knee to your chest. I just tried it and it worked for me. Even burped a little afterward.


What he meant to say was bend your knee. Hold your knees with clasped hand and bring your knee closer to the chest. While you do this with one leg, you can raise the other leg straight ahead at 45 angle and then reverse with the other leg.


Wow yall are idiots.
If you don't want freaking gas then do what the damn person is saying.
stfu idiots.
yall are lame.


Whoever commented in favour of knee they are right. Press the folded knee against the chest, holding it tight with both the hands. This is a famous position in yoga, call 'paban-mukta-ashan', which literally means 'position-tofree-the-gas'.

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