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T and Jon

I have had RLS since first pregnancy and a bout of hypo thyrodism which returned with a vengeance with second pregnancy and which I still often get. My husband is a physio and has found that (for me and for those he has treated) this works! And I can sleep at night and relax when sitting now.
Husband has told me that the RLS seems to occur as a spasm in the bottom (in the piriformis muscle) The sciatic nerve travels through this muscle and if trapped could be in spasm which can affect the nerve down the leg. He has given me two anti spasm exercised to switch off the piriformis.

I will try to explain as best I can but if I am not clear, please ask.
Lie down on your back (Im usually in bed anyway when the rls arrives), legs straight, feet together, back straight and relax.
First exercise: If you have RLS in the right leg, you will need to position your right leg like that of someone about to sit and meditate, only you are lying down not sitting, and with only the one leg brought close to your groin area.
To do this move your right foot (the heel part) up the innderside of your left leg with your knee turned to your right a little so that you end up with your right heel resting into/onto the top of your left thigh area and your knee is pointing flat to your right. (as flat as possible without straining too much)
I use my left hand to gently keep my right foot in this position.
Put your right hand flat onto the innerside of your right knee, which should be facing the ceiling. Use your right hand to block your right knee from raising up so that it is sitting up and points to the ceiling. Now try and lift your knee up whilst keeping your right foot in its place. Apply approximately 10-15% pressure (so dont try too hard) and trying to raise your knee against your right hand whilst making sure your leg holds its position.

Do not apply more than 10-15% pressure to lifting your knee up as this can make RLS worse! Hold this position for about 15-20 seconds and then relax your leg. Then move leg down the same way you moved it up so feet are together again and relax.

Exercise 2: To immediately follow first exercise. Back in the lying position, heel on the bed/floor and knee pointing to the ceiling; gently bring your right leg closer to your body by sliding your heel towards your bum - as close a possible to it. Put both hands inside your leg, behind your knee and link hands. Now you need to apply pressure from your right leg as if trying to push your leg away from your body but use your linked hands to keep it close to your body and prevent it from moving away. Again apply only about 10-15% pressure as if you try too hard to move your leg away – it may make RLS worse. Hold for 15-20 seconds then move your hands and gently return leg to original position.
Do the first exercise again, then the second one and this should switch off the spasm. Very rarely have I had to do these exercises a third time but it has so far always worked for me. Good luck.

By the way, it was stretching my leg in these postions which has sometimes caused the spasm to occur so if you feel the urge to stretch as above, dont and it the urge doesnt go away, do these exercises.

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