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it sounds retarded and painful but i promise it works in almost 24hrs.-48hrs. CARMAX, even in those private areas. It will burn for a split second but it will subside.

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I tried this one and it worked..


It started working within hours of applying it!!! Thank you!!!


Are you saying carwax works?


Where can I get some of this


Do you put it on open sores also? Or just closed one?


Could someone pleaseeee tell me what CARMAX is???? (I am in the UK) Thank you in advance!!!!


I'm guessing they mean Carmex, it is a lip care stuff. You can google it.


I use carmex as well and vag ich cream with my OB.


Carmax was developed as a cold sore remedy it is still used for coldsores ( herpes of the mouth ). Otterbox is no surprise to me that it would work on the VH it has a drying agent and the menthol would help with the itch. For those of you are unfamiliar with carmax it is kinda like a 'chapstick' it can be found at most drug stores and if you are unable to get it there you can always get it on Amazon. Its cheap too the most it should be is 3$ and I'm exaggerating


try to find out on wiki

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