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Like so many women on here I am so thankful I found this site--what a relief to know I wasn't alone and see all the options I could try! After 3 rounds of Metro Gel and one round of oral antibiotics I had NO RELIEF. I was fed up with my doctor telling me BV isn't something to be worried about! I have been married for 11 years and aside from 4 or 5 easily treated yeast infections over the years I had never dealt with anything like this! My worst symptoms were itching and inflammation. I did not have a strong odor, but the Dr. confirmed it was BV. After antibiotics I tried many of the remedies and supplements on here. Some helped a little but did not cure me (garlic, probiotics inserted vaginally, Vit D, Vit C, multi vitamins...). Finally I found what's working for me. I will update if the BV comes back but after treatment, so far so good!
If you have access to very good quality essential oils, then please try this!

INFO: I recommend DoTerra oils (because that's what I used and I can't say if other oils are the same) The suggested oils for BV are Rosemary and Cinnamon. In addition Melaleuca (aka Tea Tree oil)and Lavender can help immensely with the itching and irritation. With that said, I had to wait a while to get the recommended oils and ended up using Oregano (always recommended for infections) instead and that worked for me.
OK here is the step by step of what I did:
1.Basic changes that are going to be life long: Cutting back on sugar (I'm not too self controlled in this dept but getting rid of BV is very motivating!)Added a multivitamin and good probiotic (Ultimate Flora 30billion) every day. No more soap for washing down there. Just rinsing with water! Lots of water with lemon.
2. 'coconut tampons' I froze organic,extra virgin coconut oil in those water bottle ice cube trays (they are the size of a tampon) added a drop each of melaleuca, lavender, and oregano oil (inserted these at bedtime for 5 days and wore a pad). This is very soothing and since I did it at night, it wasn't very messy. When I first woke up some drained into the pad, but after getting ready for the morning I was able to take it off and just wear my cotton undies alone for the day. (You smell great down there all day!)
3. This is what I think was key to really killing the infection: Lemon, Melaleuca, and Oregano Oil: 1-2 drops each in a veggie capsule 3x day for 10 days. I felt well by day 3.
4. I was able to be intimate with my husband by day 5 after months of abstaining. I did feel a bit irritated externally afterwards and (after a shower)just put a quarter size drop of coconut oil in my palm with a drop each of melaleuca, lavender and Oregano oil and applied externally-- instant soothing!

That's it. If I begin to feel symptoms return or very irritated after sex, I will probably pop in a 'coconut tampon' for the night. If that doesn't do it, I will do another round of oral oils and experiment with rosemary or cinnamon oils in my coconut tampons.

I am praying this helps someone and I am sure that the LORD led me to this resource! If you are discouraged: remember there are lots of different, natural things you can try and you are not alone in this struggle!

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the Lord had you to post this just for me .. thank you sister..i will soon be healed too


Thanks for the info. I am just starting to experiment with Doterra oils for the same thing. Do you insert the coconut tampon when it's frozen? Sounds cold lol. And when you put the drops into a capsule are you taking the capsule orally or also inserting?


I think the oils starting with lemon were taken orally from what I can tell. I think the coconut oil tampon is inserted while frozen... Burrrrr! I'm about to try this as well. I have to stop all sugars because the reaction is immediately noticeable.

Ready to be intimate again

I purchased doTerra oils and want to make sure my mixture is correct. Are you saying use oregano oil, melaleuca oil, lavender oil drops in the frozen coconut oil tampon and did you include or leave out the cinnamon, lemon oils? Did you use rosemary oil in your tampons at all?


Have had bacterial vaginitis for three years. Nothing the doctor did helped. Or women's clinic. They keep giving you stuff but it doesn't help. I have been using COLLOIDAL SILVER on a tampon. A bit hard at first but soon get hang of it. It is fabulous. If I do that at night, I have no sign of it during the day. YEH FANTASTIC. Every now and then I try not doing it and a day here and there is ok. I figure I've had this three years it's going to take a while to get rid if, but at least it does something where nothing else does. I have now bought a battery operated colloidal silver generator to make my own colloidal silver as it's not cheap to buy so for about $65 can make your own. DO TRY THIS GIRLS WIRKS WHERE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE DID


How do u make oregano oil or where can u buy it from


I have all of these oils! Trying it tonight. I have had this for months. It follows my cycle and increases with intensity as I get closer to my period. I used Cypro for 10 days for a staph infection and the itching stopped. But, it came back. This makes me think it is bacterial. Thank you for posting. I am so relieved that I do not suffer alone.


I use inner health plus pro biotic capsules they sell in the fridge in pharmacy ( keep in fridge at home they cost $20
Insert into vagina as far up as possible a day or every second day with organic coconut oil .i use a applicator's the only thing that worked so far ..I'm very happy yehoooo...a must try ..saves your sex life and your sanity ..I use a warm water douche every now and then ..wash outside area with dove soap or mild cleanser like eve or similar rinse well


Does the coconut oil tampon just melt and drain out? Is that how you get it out?


Thank you so much for the info!!! I can't wait to try this I am getting the natural solutions kit from doterra at the beginning of this month! Life and sex life saver. Not to mention a confidence boost!! Take care and God bless.

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