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My toothpain was horrible after some kind of dental work. For three weeks I suffered off and on. Went to the dentist and they found nothing. Told me to go to Kaiser for trigeminal neuralgia.
Shooting, stabbing electrical pains all over left side of face. Cold, breathing, triggered the pain all way to nose, eyes, head, jaw awful.
Anyways during this whole time I was able to tide over the pain with clove oils, pepperment essential oils, marjoram, rosemary oil etc. And Ibuprofen. I tried salt wash and that killed like crazy.
Anyways, finally had to go to er. And was given morphine and perocet which didn;t touch it. Finally toradol was the only thing that touched it. Went to emergency dentist who said the last filling done by dentist-the bite was wrong. did some drilling and tap tap tap on that paper and gave me a mouth guard. Told to take indomethacin 3 times a day. it is helping

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