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tooth ache on an old tooth canal tooth. the crown came off about 3 years ago but a tooth 'shaped' filling was left behind. it started bothering me today and i put ground cloves from my spice cabinet in some vanilla extract and applied it with a cotton swab. its helping alot. i also took 4 2oomg advils but that only brought the pain down a little. i will reapply the ccloves vanilla mix again and rinse with it too later. seems to work pretty good.

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Thanks it helps


This really worked well . Make a paste of the ground cloves and vanilla extract. Girlfriend was in pain and it worked for her.
Thanks for the tip.


Just made this up for my husband but had to crush up while clove. He says it really helped. The pain isn't gone but much more tolerable.


The tea bag works great

Doit ! Teabag!

Tea bag !!!!!!!!!!! It works it's cheap till you hit the doc

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