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*This is the only 2 products I use when I have a GH OB & its great for Itching & healing process. Remember while u have an OB use loose underwear & clothing. If an OB happens In the middle of the night while sleeping & you can't sleep cause of the itching, you can apply gold bond powder to dry with a q-tip then A&D cream for itching or just apply A&D for itching. A&D is great for the itching. (1)When you wake up use gold bond to dry it out wait about an hour, then take a warm bath or if u start to feel it itching while letting it dry take a warm bath right away (2)Then Blow dry OB (3) Apply gold bond to dry (4) Once It starts to feel itchy apply just a lil A&D for the itching then apply gold bond on top of A&D to keep dry.* Itching will go away & A&D will heal OB. While OB is healing, the next time u take a warm bath to clean yourself follow steps again starting at step (2)
*** If OB starts to hurt while healing apply A&D & it will stop it from hurting.

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Its actually A&D ointment that I was referring to not cream. OB will stop itching & heal in 3 days


can i found a&d cream at medical store in india ?

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