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*PLEASE READ* I felt the need to share this remedy with everyone because it would so astonishing well for me. I was diagnosed with genital herpes and did as much research as possible to get rid of it ASAP. I was taking prescribed meds, lysine, using tea tree oil and cold sore treatment. Everything was working but very slowly. This might sound crazy, ***but Lysol kills HSV1 and 2 virus. I wet a paper towel to dilute it, and sprayed some Lysol on it (sounds crazy). I dabbed it on the sores, yes it stung extemely bad, and went to sleep. I woke up today and the sores and symptoms are GONE. no problems peeing, no itch, no sores...gone. this remedy MUST be shared because it is so successful but also sounds so crazy. you can use a qtip if you want for more precise application. I hope this helps you! it worked miracles for me.

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What type of Lysol did you use?


I tried lysol whipes and it did nothing for me. I think this oubreak has lasted over a month now! I've been taking Valtrex twice a day for weeks! So itchy!! Onky thing that relieves the itch is baking soda. I even apply nail oolish remover to help dry it and relieve the itch but it doesn't seem to help heal it.


Thank you for posting this!

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