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While I do not have my own remedy to post, I have to say I am so happy I found this sight again! I have GERD and a few months back the reflux woke me out of my sleep, it was so bad. I tried the honey and in 15 minutes the burning in my throat was gone! Last night it woke me again, after drinking some water I went back to bed sitting up. That was 3 am. I tried laying down and it came back! Now at 7 am, throat burning I remembered this sight. I tried the pickle juice this time(no honey left) and almost IMMEDIATELY the burning subsided abot 80% ! What a relief! I am going back to gastro ASAP, apparently my prescription is no longer working very well. Thanks for all these great alternatives to try!

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Eat your evening meal by 6:00 p.m. never later....30 minutes after meal eat a will never deal with the gerd again

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