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I also thought this was bad chapped lips but after a couple weeks with it getting worse, i researched and found out what it was. I had been just putting lots of organic lip balm on both sides. Then, i tried lavender oil from Doterra. It really stung and tasted bad. Sadly, there was no improvement. Then, i saw Curad Silver antimicrobial gel on the top shelf of the ointment section at Walgreens and remembered some of the other people saying it worked. I have been applying it every couple hours if i can remember and finally seeing improvement! After 2 days, there are no new cracks, the redness is subsiding, and it's looking a little better. This stuff has no flavor, doesn't sting, and isn't sticky or greasy. Thanks to the others who recommended it! Well worth seven bucks.

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Ricky Dee

I have been using the Curad Silver ointment for 3 days now. I feel slight stinging & numbness but no improvement. I tried Neosporin, which provided some relief, but also didn't work. I use hot moist compresses 4 times a day. I have had this for 3 weeks now. I am ready to seek a doctor.

quick healing

I have had a cracked corner plus a blister for a couple of days. I started applying the Curad Silver YESTERDAY and I already notice a HUGE improvement. Healing is happening. I highly recommend this product. I am feeling so much relief. I also applied some coconut oil overall on my lips on top of the Curad silver to keep my lips moist.

natural findings

I used sea salt and olive oil mixed into some garlic that I mashed up into a paste. Stinks, but effective. Treat when you have time to yourself.

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