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I have been taking ibuprofen for tootheache pain. At first a double dose was necessary, but once the pain subsided, a single dose every three or four hours was sufficient. I also tried the peroxide rinse one night when out of ibuprofen followed by a warm saltwater rinse then put ice in a dishtowel and held it to my palm and cheek simultaneously. Obviously I was desparate and in much pain. My pain did go away in a few minutes after the rinse but started to return so I resorted to the ice. Between the two remedies something worked because my intense pain as gone.

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my friend left a bottle of ib... and thay say 650mg so i took onw it don't do alot for me


I actually did the same thing...IB and a cold suppresant. You have to keep the IB in your system. I'm taking 800mg though. I'm going to try to the peanut butter that I read about above.

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