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Maybe a month or two ago I was told by my partner that he was told by his doctor that he had herpes. I was really shocked and freaked out when I heard about it. I thought okay my life is officially over now, I couldn't believe that he had this and now there was a chance that I had it to. I had an appointment with my doctor before it found all of this out becaus I had some weird things going on in that area down there. I was really scared to go to the doctor cause I was afraid of what they would tell me. So I got tested for all kinds of diseases except for herpes and everything came back negative I just had a bacterial virus . Fast forwarding since I learned that he had herpes I have been mentally , physically , and emotionally preparing myself for the day I would have an outbreak. Well one dat I'm shaving and I cut myself down there. So it was no big deal the cut didn't really hurt so after a night of having sex with the same guy who has herpes I feel some pain down there so in my head I'm thinking it's from the cut from the razor blade I examined myself down there and I felt a bump so I grab a mirror to look and there's one there I thought it was a hair bump. So I explained it to the guy hey we can't have sex there's a bump or a cut down there and it's really painful. He doesn't take no for an answer. Fast forward to later that night , we try to have sex but it's really painful. He's not caring that I'm in serious pain he's just worried about having sex so we try different position and they all hurt eventually I just sucked it up and took the pain . Before we had sex I showed him the bump and he was like oh it's just a hair bump there's nothing to worry about. And I'm like are you that crazy over sex that you would over look my pain just to get some. So I get home and I grab a mirror and look in between my legs again. Not only is there just a bump but two more small ones have appeared and this cut like rash. It burns, it hurts, it itches, and this stuff just makes me really depressed. I feel like my life is over and I haven't even been to a doctor yet to get this checked out. I wish this would go away. I regret having sex and not being smart about it. I don't know what to do about the burning and itching and pain. A hot bath works perfectly but it sucks that I can't stay in the tub all day and night. What else can I do?

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Go to the doctor. Get prescription for Valtrex, lidocaine ointment 5% prescription strength to numb the area, l-lysine natural herb to help ob heal. Stay away from trigger foods like nuts and chocolate. Get plenty of rest.


Ditch the boyfriend too. He's an insensitive jerk. Your life isn't over. Outbreaks are manageable if you stay clean, dry, consult your doctor, and try some of the suggestions here.

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