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Hello, I have been suffering with BV for so many years. It was so bad one night at the dinner table my son actually lost his appetite due to my 'smell'. I got to the point that I would not sit near anyone, I would not have any physical contact with anyone and pretty much stayed at home. I was so depressed. Then I began home remedies. I have tried everything and spent so much money. Believe me, I tried almost everything from yogurt, cranberry juice (bathing and douching) to tomato juice etc...FINALLY I did research on home remedies and found a solution that worked for me. First I got a cotton ball and put some lemon juice on it. I inserted into my Vag - yes it stung, but no pain, no gain. I only did that once and let it stay in there for 2 hours. Then I put 1 capsule of women's probiotic with cran-max and Vit D and one capsule of probiotic plus cranberry into my Vag. I take 1600mg of Folic acid per day.
I continue to insert the probiotics and take the folic acid daily and have been ODOR FREE for 3 weeks now. I am praying this works.

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