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james B

cider vinegar is the best remedy I have come across and I have spent $1000s over the last 5 years with doctors and creams with no joy.
I discovered the apple cider remedy on wiki how. Just follow the instructions and your warts will go in about 4 days if the are on your penis.
I found it harder to remove on my testicles because it is harder to stick the sticky plasters that hold the cotton bud soaked in cider vinegar on.
I wish I had discovered this remedy 5 years ago.
It definitely works.
Most of the sites on the internet are a scam so don't buy anything go to wiki how or earth clinic and follow the instuctions

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Question, I am trying this method (currently on day 2) and am not feeling any tingling or burning. Or seeing warts turn white, the acv I am using is 5% acidity... is that what you used?

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