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I don't think I can say this enough, THANK YOU! I don't think you understand but this seriously saved my sanity. And I have 4 kids! As soon as I found this site and read these posts I went to Walmart at 5am to find Clove Oil, Sensodyne, and Dentex. Found the Dentex and Sensodyne but no Clove Oil. Applied the Sensodyne, INSTANT RELIEF! Maybe it is the nature of my exposed nerve, but this literally eased the pain 100%. As soon as I was able to handle the Dentex I applied it to the affected area and Viola! No more excruciating pain! I have to say that there is still a mild ache, which is probably due to inflammation and irritation to the affected are. I'm sure this will pass but for the moment, I can think, sleep, eat, smile... all of the things that have been missing from my life for the last 72 hours.

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The Sensodyne totally worked for me!!!! more pain....hopefully it lasts and I can make it until next week when I go to get my root canal!

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