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Amanda Sehet

I had a heavy menstrual cycle that lasted for over two months. I was getting really scared and with no health insurance was unsure if i should bite the bullet and go and see a doctor. Well i came on this site and saw someone recommend iron supplements for anaemia. I thought that it wouldn't hurt to try them. I also read that folic acid supplements also help with heavy periods so
I added them to my daily schedule as well. It turns out that they WORK WONDERFULLY!

I took one folic acid and one iron tablet every 12 hours and within a day my period was already lessening and by a weeks time it was gone. I also added 1000mg of vitamin c and 1000mg vitamin D to help offset stomach issues from the iron.

I don't know if this will work for anyone else, but without other posting their remedies i would have never found what ended up helping me. I still in my heart of hearts believe that you should seek medical attention if you can do so, at the time i just couldn't.

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I am in my late 40s and had been experiencing excessively heavy bleeding to the point where I was anemic (ridiculously massive clots, super tampons and overnight pads, sometimes going through both every hour for several hours at a time). After doing some Googling, I learned that this heavy bleeding seemed to have been driven by an excessive amount of estrogen in my system. I also discovered that dietary fiber absorbs excess estrogen and is eventually eliminated from the system as opposed to being reabsorbed. I began to eat approximately 20-25 grams a day of natural fiber (oatmeal, almonds, beans, fruit, etc), and within two to three DAYS the heavy bleeding STOPPED! I have a BS in Biology and have pretty much been skeptical of anything that didn't involve popping some kind of pill, but I was desperate, because nothing else was working, but the fiber worked. I do take the birth control pill as well. I have had no bleeding to speak of for a while now-perhaps my estrogen is going the other way. Please try the fiber approach-you might be just as surprised as I was!

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