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I had excruciatingly painful night leg and foot cramps. I noticed if I ate kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage) during the day, my cramps were drastically reduced by at least 75-80%, Sometimes I had no cramps, or if I did, they were less painful and less frequent. Any fermented food high in micro-organisms had that effect. It could be sauerkraut and pickles too.

Later on I read that sweet and low (saccharin), and nutrasweet (aspartame) type artificial sweeteners, destroy the micro-organisms in the stomach/gut. I stopped the blue and pink stuff, and like a miracle my night time leg cramps that plagued me for years, are 100% cured. I sleep like a baby. The key is the micro-organisms in your stomach, which need to be replenished and also the different medications or products like artificial sweeteners that destroy the organisms you need to absorb nutrients. Now I just use SweetLeaf brand stevia to sweeten. All is well. This is an easy fix, for a horrendously painful condition. I hope you try it because it is so easy to do and you have nothing to lose.

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