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Use a disposable emery board to file away any dead skin between your toes. Soak your feet in the sink in HOT water with LOTS of epsom salt. BLOW DRY your feet to get rid of every ounce of moisture. Apply Lamisil (require Rx) to toe cracks. Chan your socks daily and THROW THEM OUT EVERY DAY! Buy disposable foam inserts for your shoes and Tinactin (Over the counter) foot powder to put in your shoes until it clears and then once it is gone THROW THE SHOES OUT JUST IN CASE SO YOU DONT GET IT AGAIN - Better SAFE than SORRY!

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Yeah right, I'm gonna trow out my $250 shoes.


Good idea, but can be very expensive... instead of throwing out socks, why not just soak in a water/bleach mix to kill the fungus?


yes, but not everyone has the money to just throw out all of their shoes and socks Like i'm going to throw out my $185 shoes !

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