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The best, and easiest remedy is to sip a tablespoon of bread & butter pickle juice. cramps are gone 45 seconds later. - my wife gets terrible cramps and pickle juice works every time she's allergic to quinine and can't take it and nothing else works.must have something to do with vinegar.

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Vinegar has a lot of potassium in it and a bite of mustard dose the trick also


I take a jar thats been in the freezer filled with ice to bed then soon as the cramp starts I put my foot on it and it stops it for me everytime.try it its FREE and no waiting around for creams or oils to work.good luck all u poor cramp sufferers


What, the mustard or the pickle juice?


I was having he worst of all foot cramps to where my toes would curl up and my foot would not move! I had never tried pickle juice because I was skeptical. But I was so desperate, I went to my fridge, opened the pickle jar and took a big gulp of pickle juice! To my surprise, the cramps were gone almost immediately. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll be sure to always have a jar of pickles handy!!


I just drank about 3 tablespoons of pickle juice. Guess what?? IT WORKED!!Thank you for that tip!!

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