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After more than 1 year with no symptoms (destroyed by apple cider vinegar (sprayed on) in 2013), about 2 weeks ago the jock itch returned. Again I attacked it with apple cider vinegar, though this time very lightly at first. The result was that the bacteria built a 'shield' that was 3 mm thick. Yesterday morning I held a facial tissue infused with apple cider vinegar against the bacterial shield in the morning and found out that the vinegar would break through the shield after 20 minutes.
So last night I applied facial tissue (folded in half) that were infused with apple cider vinegar to the bacteria while I laid in bed determined not to move. The total time in bed was 2 hours and my leg was slightly sore during the day afterwards. However, the bacteria is completely gone now.
The little mountain that represented the bacterial shield now looks like an empty volcano.

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