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This may hurt at first. But after a bit it will start to help with the pain. I am super low income. So I have to save for months to be able to afford a dentist. I have had bad teeth for a few years now. Each time I have one taken out, another happens. They are all molars. Right now I have three molars that need a dentist. Last tooth extraction, broke the teeth next to it. So I now have more issues. Last time I had four abscesses in my mouth. This time I have one going through my outside cheek. Anyway, here are a few things that work well.

Firstly NEVER USE ORJEL. This may take the pain away. But in the long run it is going to cause nerve damage. After a few days of using it on a tooth, the tooth will start to hurt even when you use it. After a bit more time, hurt more when you use it.

For an infected tooth:

Put toothpaste ON the infected tooth. The cooling mint will ease the pain. As well it will kill infection. Brush your teeth, and use the brush to get the paste inside the hurt tooth. Also you can use toothpaste to temp paste a crown that has come off.

RAW garlic. Cut raw garlic up and smash it. This will hurt to the end of the world and back sometimes. If you have an abscess, try to hold it on the gums, as long as you can. Dried powder does not help. All of the oils are taken out of the Garlic. If you can, chew the garlic as long as you can. Hold it in the infected SIDE of the mouth. As long as you can. After that put a few slivers in side the tooth if you can, where it is slit open.

Bacteria loves the heat. So mix your salt water at warm temp. Then allow it to cool down. Room temp is better. Salt water makes the pain go away. But its not that it is warm. You can use normal water to wash your mouth out with, and it will make it feel better. but any warm water will in the end, help the bacteria. it may take a few hours for you to realize. Or even days. Rinsing at first is amazing. But the pain worsens each time a little.

Mouth wash. You can use mouthwash instead of salt water.

Take a cocktail. This is one of the only ways, i know of to get OTC pain meds to work for an infected tooth ache. But to me, it has to be done in this way. Toothaches are not really helped by meds. Unless you do it this way. And there is no harm or risk in making a cocktail.

1.5 dose of tyonall
1.5 dose of ibuprofen
.5 does of asprin.

The pain meds do not help a tooth ache much at all, unless you get your blood flowing. So take these meds, get up and walk around. Have a walk down the street. Get the blood flowing well. Do not lay down however. Laying down is not going to help much.

But whatever you do, do not do what I did a few moments ago. I pulled my own tooth in the bathroom. I knew it was risky. But I did it right and got the entire tooth. I have seen on sites where people suggest this. And while I will do it myself, I have a high pain tollerance. I also know that I am a free bleeder. But I have had to pull my own teeth before. it is dangerous and can lead to even more pain, and complications. So do not do that. The best way of course, is to go to the dentist

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