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I had several cauliflower shaped warts on my anus and I applied ACV to the effected area with a cotton ball for two days, right before bed. I kept it there for 1-2 hours and removed it. The day after my second treatment, the large major warts had fallen off completely during my bowel movement and when wiping.

The ACV is quite painful, especially if you move around a lot but it will NOT damage healthy skin. Once some warts have fallen off, you will NOT want to apply anymore ACV as it will be extremely painful on your lesions. It is best to then apply Vitamin E oil to help heal the lesions, while also fighting the remaining warts. When the lesions are healed, you can continue to treat the remaining warts with ACV.

It is important to keep the area dry as warts thrive in a moist environment. I recommend getting a foot powder with Talc and Salicylic acid to keep your anus dry during the day, OR you can apply a paper towel in between your butt cheeks to absorb any moisture. Conveniently, Salicylic acid is the main ingredient in many wart removing products. During my showers I wash my anus gently with a gentle, sensitive skin face wash with salicylic acid in it.

Be sure to blow dry your anus completely before treating the warts with anything. I'm sure supplementing treatment with immune boosting vitamins does help!

My progress is astounding, and I'm so relieved!

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Day One
After reading your post, I have decided to take up the challenge because cryo and other chemicals are not working. I'm using Braggs ACV on cotton pads and using tea tree antiseptic cream where needed.

OMG the pain is immense and its was a struggle to keep the cotton pad in for 2 hours. The warts have gone white and the cotton pad was covered in black spots when i removed it.

After care completed and can't wait until tomorrow (Not).

Tip: Don't squeeze your butt cheeks otherwise you will scream like a girl.


Day 2
Burn baby burn..Yes my butt is on fire.
The soreness is much worse than jock chafing and your eyes water when you start to sweat down below.

Frequent showers and plenty of talc is a wise move to keep the treated area dry and smooth.

The 2nd ACV to the affected area is intensely painful because you are applying acid onto broken skin and leaving it there for 2 hours needs a lot of concentration to focus your mind of the pain.

I found it useful to cramp your lower calf muscle and use the pain from this area to divert your attention from the butt area.

Your got to be seriously committed to really put yourself through this pain to hopefully get rid of these warts.

Aftercare as recommend by the original post is very useful and works.

TIP: If you are going to have a poop best to washing your butt than smear your poop with a tissue and risk getting an infection if your poop gets into the broken skin.


Day 3
I post cleaned and prepared my butt and I cringed and started to shake when I applied the 3rd application but this time I folded the cotton pad into a quarter of its original size to focus more on the warts around my butt hole. Yes, I was scared of the impeding pain that I already experienced the day before and yes it hurts like hell, must worse than burning your hand on the BBQ/Oven Door. I managed to take of photo of the affected area and it looks quite serious, it makes me laugh a bit about being so stupid in doing it in the first place and the treated area looks like the RAF logo. The photo showed that outer ring of the treated area not affected by the warts, shows signs acid burns and is purple/blue in colour. The middle part
however where there were scattered warts, the area has turned white and the central part AKA butt hole is a dark deep red and the bigger warts have all turned white.

TIP: Best to tell your partner or wife what you got and what they may have. It also helps if they can help you with the aftercare treatment to reduce the discomfort.
Otherwise if you don't tell them that you have started DIY with ACV and they smack you of the butt when they greet you and compliment you for doing a good job and you scream like a little girl with the immense agonising pain and start raging and swearing your head off and they haven't got a clue what hell is wrong with you then ....its your fault. Now my wife is threatening to kick my butt if I do not do what she asks..which is to ease off the treatment until the acid burn heal:(


Day 4
The warts still white and haven't turn black yet, still kept up treatment 2 twice a day for 2 hours. Yes it was painful but I kept at it.

Day 5
I had a cluster of 26 warts around my anus with one the size of a pea. I'm quite surprised that I now got 4 warts including the pea sized one left. There is red scaring tissue where the old warts used to be.

Day 6
Still had the 4 remaining warts and I still kept up the treatment.

Day 7
Pea size wart gone along with 2 others, just got one left quite close to the anus whole which I may have to shove the ACV soaked cotton pad in a little deeper. Not looking forward to it because I'm certain its going to hurt big time. I also noticed another wart in the groin area so I'm going to treat that with Cryo otherwise if I use ACV, I know I'm not going to be able to walk...



Cured...Everything Gone.

Yes, it was painful experience but with no pain there will be no gain.

Shower the treated area twice a day and after each passing of faeces (Don't Wipe).

A generous application of Sudocrem over the treated area helps with the rapid soothing of the blistered area.

Even after the warts have fallen off, continue with the ACV treatment for a further week and then monitor the treated and surrounding areas frequently purely for reassurance.

After four and be safe:)

(I'm waiting to party and will keep you update in the next 3 weeks).


I suffer with walts also and I haven't tried any of these remedies out I pull them of one by one the pain is very very sore but it does the job


dear anonym,

how can vitamin E and Tea tree oil will keep the anus dry?
coz its a greasy oily right?

please tell me your suggestion please...

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