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Dr. Kennedy

after myself, 3 siblings & my 3 children ALL suffered from mouth ulcers I KNOW what works, it's fast and cheap...blackstrap molasses!!! It's magic, use it as often as you need to & your ulcer will be gone in as little as a day!

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Mark O.

I had an intense outbreak of canker sores (approx. 30), presumably from Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. Not fun.
I tried OraJel - joke. I tried Kanka (painful, but only seemed to dull the pain slightly).
Molasses - though painful at first and awful tasting has stopped them from spreading (tongue & cheeks) and actually seen several start to heal up. Which is awesome b/c I have a job interview next week. Thanks!


How do you use it? Just hold some in your mouth/on tongue? Thanks.

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