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Hi everyone,

So right now you're possibly very itchy and very desperate and very sore and did I mention very itchy? I tried about a million things before I found the miracle cure (because when you find the ice that soothes the hell fire of your loins, you might as well have found the Holy Grail).

I suffer from recurring YIs generally before my mensies, and I have been looking for a cheaper and easier way to fix them than prescription meds and doctors appointments and the whole cabodle. Girls, I found it.

Mercurochrome, (or Monkey's Blood depending on which part of the world you grew up in), which is generally used as an antiseptic, works instant wonders for a yeast infection. It's similar chemically to a saline solution, and it's gentle enough not to burn or sting when applied (to a mild infection, although, people differ).

I soaked the tip of a tampon in it and then, well, put the tampon where tampons go. I also cleaned the outside of my vagina with a cotton swab dipped in it. I have to admit I wasn't checking the time, but I'll say that relief came after I had checked all my Facebook notifications. I did this once more, and then voila, no more itch, no more cheesy yuck stuff, no more swelling, nothing.

Also after some more research I saw that they no longer sell Mercurochrome in the USA, Germany or France due to worries about mercury poisoning. I have only used this method once, and have had no bad side effects, how ever it might be better to consult your doctor if you are really concerned. If you live in a country where they no longer sell Mercurochrome, it's garlic and yogurt for you! Please let me know if you try this, and how it goes.

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Where did you buy this? Mercurochrome

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