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I've been up for the past 2 nights with excruciating pain from a very exposed nerve on a lower molar, which caused the worst radiating pain I've ever felt.. I sort of wanted to die. I live in the boondocks, the local dentist is not answering the phone and the closest appointment I could get elsewhere is still 2 weeks away. In our house we use only herbals.. but I went through half an ounce of clove oil in 2 hours :( The pain would go away long enough for me to *almost* fall asleep - then it would come right back. I think I went into shock for a while last night from it, and finally passed out on the floor. I have a high pain tolerance, and this was the absolute worst, ever.

Today, I remembered I had some 'temp tooth' (it's just thermal beads, you can find them on amazon). I heated up the beads, covered all over the exposed root, tooth, parts of the teeth on either side - basically covered anywhere air could flow, let the stuff dry into basically a huge uni-cap and finally I can breathe without the shredding pain of an exposed nerve.

Going to get some Dentemp and try that, as it makes a lot of sense, plus it's cheaper (the thermal beads are about $10).

HOLY BASIL OIL - If you have this on hand, it is a nerve relaxer. Go ahead and take 50 dropper drops in a shot of lukewarm water, then drop Near the exposed root.. count to 20.. drop a drop a little closer.. repeat. Finally go ahead and drop a drop right on the exposed nerve, count to 20. This works so well, I almost didn't make the 'uni-crown' thing.

CLOVE OIL - Is phenomenal, but it wore off so fast for me. Still, it's amazing for mild to semi-severe in my experience.

All the ideas for covering the exposed area make sense. This is a good site, and I'm glad I found it.. I had no idea Dentemp was even a thing. Thanks to all, best wishes, God bless.

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