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This isn't going to work for all infections... Just the real basic kind. So, if you had a cut and when it starts to heal it gets infected the way I fix this, it happens to my toe alot because I'm always hurting my feet without knowing it until it gets infected. You take a safetypin/tack/sewingneedle and clean it in hot water and rubbing alchohol then just stab it so as to make an exit for the puss and squeez until you've squeezed all the puss out. For bigger cuts I assume you might need more than one hole, but I've never had a verry big infected area so just one has always worked for me... After you get the puss out use hydrogen peroxide on it and let it do its bubbly thing whipe it off and repeat untill there aren't anymore bubbles or at least verry little bubbles left. The for good measure clean it with alchohol, put some type of anti-bacteriol cream on it and bandage it...

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Saline/salt water is better cleaning agent than peroxide.


You should also be very careful squeezing out the infection/pus. You could actually burst something inside of your body which will cause you to become very sick. Squeezing [especially] large infections is not reccommended and highly dangerous


Both alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can cause tissue damage. Do not recommend.


For infections, place a slice of bread in a bowl of milk, just enough to cover and place on infected wound. Wrap with a cloth and leave for about an hour....

works great!

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