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I have been dealing with BV for two-three years. It was horrible. I was getting the BV at least once a month and I tried everything. Spent way too much money on so many doctors. Well I finally came across an OBGYN who had experience with the BV. She put me on s compound medication to insert vaginally twice a week. I used it for about four months. I haven't had it since!!! Please try this. I know how annoying the BV is and I know how incredibly frustrating it is to have no help from doctors but antibiotics. Here is the compound that the OBGYN gave to me I'm typing it straight off the bottle.

I'm not exactly sure what everything is but I know it worked for me and I hope it can help you women out there too!!
Good Luck!

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Where do I find this combination?


Its something a doctor have to give you


Thank you for this information because i have been bv once or twice a month for over a year and i am at my braking point and i am tired of taking this nasty flagy medication that only work for a week or two. Also briana how long has it been since you have not had any signs of bv


I get a compounding pharmacy to fill capsules with boric acid. I call it my miracle cure!!! I suffered for years, then my new gyn told me to try the boric acid. Never had another infection. Basically it kills all yeast and bacteria which gives you a clean slate for everything to come back to a healthy balance.

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