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Any doctor who is judgemental or who would embarrass a person seeking treatment for anal warts should have their medical license revoked. An instrument called a cryo gun will freeze
them off in a few treatments or even less. Larger ones may have to be removed surgically in an office procedure by a qualified proctologist. Neither of these treatments are all that painful and the ones surgically removed are deadened first with a local antisthetic.lm not against home remedies, but some people may not be capable or too squeamish to do it theirself. Or have other medical problems and would be best served by a qualified physician. Infections can be problematic or even life threatning. Nothing to play around with folks. Best of luck and you have nothing to cause you shame. These are facts of life that happen and any good doctor should be glad to help you. If not report their ass to the medical board.

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Cryo is very expensive

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